Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 8:16-9:10 (11/22/20)

 How to Enjoy Life
 Ecclesiastes 8:16-9:10
 I) Only God is all ________________
      So we don’t worry about not understanding everything
 II) Only God is all _______________
      So we don’t worry when things are out of control
 III) Only God is all _____________
      So we don’t worry about the future
 IV) Death Comes to All
      So do what you can in this life
      A) Death comes as a result of ______
      B) Death is ________
      C) Death brings _____________
      D) But as long as there is life, there is ________ to 
      E) Does Solomon really believe in an ____________?
 V) We can _________ life because we are God’s!
      A) God has “already ____________ what you do”
      B) So we enjoy the good things God has _____________
      C) And we enjoy our ___________
      D) And we enjoy our ___________ 

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 8:2-15 (11/15/20)

 A Christian Response to Government
 Ecclesiastes 8:2-15
 I) We are to ___________ the government
      A) _________ the kings command (2)
      B) The king has the authority to __________ wrongdoing 
      C) Which is why the _______ obey (5-6)
 II) But there are times when government is ____________
 III) We need to _________ that God has it under control
      A) Some things cause us to _________
      B) We should remember what is normally ________
      C) What helps us to ________?
 IV) How does a ____________ respond in a democracy?
      A) Obey the ________
      B) Pay ________
      C) Are there times when we don’t _________?
           1) When we are told not to ___________
           2) When we are told not to ___________
 V) What do we do if there are other Biblical _________ that we are told not to speak about?
      A) We can deem certain issues as non-essential and 
         _________ speaking about them
      B) We could continue speaking out and suffer the 
      C) We may end up going _________

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1 (11/8/20)

 Why Fearing God is so Important!
 Ecclesiastes 7:15-8:1
 I) There is a disturbing ________________ in life
      A) It can make us try to ____________
      B) Or just _________ up!
      C) Fearing God gives us a ____________
           1) __________ righteousness
           2) Avoiding _________________
 II) The _______________ that comes from fearing God reminds us…
      A) That we are all _____________
      B) There are limits to our _________________
      C) That we have enough knowledge to make good _____________
      D) That God is not to blame for our ____________ choices 

Sermon Outline for 11/1/20

 Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover
 Ecclesiastes 6:1-7:14
 I) Prosperity is not the key to ________________
      A) Prosperity is not ______________
      B) _____________ and progeny are not enough
      C) ____________ is not enough
      D) __________ is enough!
 II) What is better than _______________?
      A) A good _____________
      B) The day of _________ (rather than the day of birth)
      C) Somber ______________
      D) Rebuke of the ____________
      E) _____________
      F) _____________
      G) _____________
      H) _____________
 III) God brings both prosperity and adversity for a __________ 

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 5:1-20 (10/25/20)

God’s Gifts Should Bring Joy
Ecclesiastes 5:1-20
I) Be in _______ of God and keep our word to Him
     The OT gives instructions for _______
     But people were always trying to get ______ of them
     The passage is a reminder that we need to keep our ________ 
     to God and not make rash promises to Him
     There is also a reminder here of the importance of 
     ______________ to God
II) Because ___________ is not the most important thing in life
     The only one who seems to benefit from riches 
     is the ___________!
     Wealth doesn’t _________
     Wealth brings _____________
     You ____________ take it with you!
III) So be ___________ and rejoice with what we have, because it is a gift from God
     __________ comes from acknowledging God and having a 
     relationship with Him
          God has the times in his hands, so death shouldn’t make 
          us _________
          God has set up the harvest, so we should enjoy ________
          God’s _________ in life are there for us to enjoy them 
          (rich or poor)

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:16 (10/18/20)

What Helps us Make it Through Life?
Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:16
I) Life under the _______ consists of:
     A) _______________
     B) _______________
     C) _______________
     D) _______________
     E) _______________
     F) _______________
II) A relationship with _________ reminds us that:
     A) Divine ____________ is a reality
     B) There is an _______________
     C) We should have _______ in our work
     D) __________ is a problem
     E) We _________ each other

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 (10/11/20)

We can trust in a sovereign God
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
I) Is there any ______ to life?
     A) We plant and we __________
     B) We go to _______ and make peace
     C) We are ________ and we die
     D) We gain and we _______
     E) What is the _________?
     F) The point is that God has made it this way, and it is
II) We long to understand this “______________”
III) But our understanding is ______________
IV) So we accept what we can understand, live for _______ and enjoy what He has given to us
     A) We are to “do _________”
     B) We are to ___________
V) Because God is sovereign and controls the times, we should be in ________ of Him

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26 (10/4/20)

How can I have joy?
Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

I) ______________ is uniquely qualified for this quest for meaning and joy

II) Solomon wonders if (earthly) wisdom can provide _______________

III) Solomon wonders if _____________can satisfy

     A) The first test: ______________

     B) The second test: ___________

IV) Solomon decides that wisdom is better than ___________

V) Solomon wonders if working to leave a __________ can provide meaning

VI) Solomon declares that _________ is the answer

VII) The Apostle Paul reminds us that that we need to ______________ our lives to God

VIII) Jesus teaches us that ______________ comes from our dedication

IX) Jesus also teaches us that__________ comes from our dedication

X) Jesus agrees with Solomon that there are ________________ for disobedience

XI) The beginning of knowledge, wisdom and joy is when we ____________ in Jesus Christ!

Sermon outline for Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 (9/24/20)

What is the point to life?
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

I) The Main Problem in Life

     A) _____________ 

     B) How do we get to _____________? 

     C) Nobody wants to translate the word as “vapor” or 

         1) Some say everything is _______________ 

         2) Some say everything is __________ 

         3) Some say everything is ______________ 

         4) Could it mean everything is _____________

II) An Important Question

     A) “What does man ________ by all the toil at which he toils 
         under the sun?” 

     B) What could he mean by “under the _______”? 

     C) Verses 4-11 can be seen as a _________________ on verse 3

III) Nothing Makes a Difference

IV) What can make a difference?

     God can make a _________________!

Sermon outline for 9/17/20

Why Study Ecclesiastes?

I) It was written by the ________________ man to ever live

     A) The author claims to be a son of David, king in 

     B) The author shares life experiences that are 
        ________________ to Solomon’s

     C) The author displays the ________________ and teaching 
        ability that was given to Solomon

II) It teaches a life lesson that comes from years of ________________

     (Think of it as a sign of ________________)

III) It was written as a ________________ of what is important in life

     A) “Most ________________ book in the Bible.”

     B) “How to ________________ the emptiness in life.”

     C) Read on the third day of the Feast of ________________

          1) Celebrated the ________________ harvest

          2) The Israelites stayed in ________________ to 
             remember their flight from Egypt

          3) They read the ________________

          4) Every seventh year there was supposed to be a 
             release of ________________

          5) Deut 16:13 “you shall ________________ in your 

IV It was written as a ________________ text to take wisdom to the nations

     A) Perhaps the book was written with a ________________ 

     B) Solomon’s ________________ was known in the surrounding 

     C) This may be Solomon’s attempt to bring his God given 
        wisdom to the surrounding ________________