Sermon outline for Luke 23:34-43 (8/9/20)

A Portrait of Salvation
Luke 23:34-43

I) We see the Fulfillment of _______________

II) We Understand the Irony of the _______________

     A) _______________ 

     B) One of the _______________ 

     C) The ______________ 

     D) The ____________________

III) We Learn a Theology of _______________!

     A) We are reminded of the reality of _________________ 

     B) We are reminded of the reality of our ___________________ 

     C) We are reminded of the reality of Christ’s 

     D) We are reminded that Jesus is our _____________ 

     E) We are reminded that Jesus is ______________ 

     F) We are reminded that we are with God __________________ 
        when we die 

     G) We are reminded that salvation is by _________

Sermon outline for Luke 23:26-34 (8/2/20)

Jesus Practiced What He Preached
Luke 23:26-34

I) We have a foreshadowing of the horror yet to come against ____________ 

II) We see a foreshadowing of the horror that will come against _____________

     A) Don’t _________ for me 

          1) Because the ___________ will bring horror for them 

          2) It’s a complete reversal of what we normally find 
             for __________ in the Bible 
          3) Jesus quotes from ____________ 10:8 to signify the 
             horror of the time 
     B) “For if they do these things when the wood is __________, 
        what will happen when it is dry?”

III) The horror against Jesus ____________

IV) Jesus ______________ the horror

     A) Jesus’ words show us that He __________ what He taught 

     B) Jesus’ words show us that our _____________ need is 

     C) Jesus’ words teach us that we need to forgive __________ 

          1) We are to _____________ those who ask 

          2) We normally think that a relationship is 
             _______________ at this point 

          3) But what if repentance is ___________? 

          4) And what about _____________ for a wrong? 

D) We need to be ready to forgive those who __________ ask 

     1) We should do what we can to _____________ forgiveness 

     2) We shouldn’t harbor bitterness or ___________ 

     3) We try to do ___________ to those who seek us harm 

     E) Forgiveness doesn’t negate ______________ 

          The _____________ teaches us that

Sermon outline for Luke 23:1-23 (7/26/20)

A Sinless Sacrifice
Luke 23:1-23

I) Jesus Declared Innocent Before __________

II) Jesus Declared Innocent by _________

III) Jesus Declared Innocent by Pilate (___________), but Still Put to Death

IV) Were They _________?

     A) Was Jesus Christ ________________?

     B) Why is it so ______________?

          1) It reflects a ______________

          2) It is necessary because God is _____________

          3) It is necessary because God is ______________!

V) What does it __________ for us?

     A) _______________ is important

     B) A love of God and Jesus Christ ____________ us to live for them!

Sermon outline for Luke 22:63-71 (7/19/20)

A Willing Sacrifice
Luke 22:63-71
I) Jesus’ Prediction _________________
II) Jesus __________________ His Sacrifice
     A) During His ____________

     B) During His ____________
         – The assembly of elders is the ______________

         – They ask if He is the ____________

         – The first part of Jesus’ reply seems __________

         – But the second part is ____________!

         – Why does the council immediately ask Jesus if he is 
           the ________ of God?

         – Jesus ______________ replies that He is indeed the 
           Messiah, the Son of Man and the Son of God!

         – Which they are more than happy to ____________

         – Was His trial ___________?

III) How should we respond?

      A) We see the enormity of God’s __________!

      B) What are we willing to ________ for God and His kingdom?

         – _______________?

         – Loss of _____________?

         – Loss of ______________?

         – Loss of ___________?

         – Surrender of __________?

         – Prison? Torture? Death?

Sermon Outline for Luke 22:54-62 (7/12/20)

Remaining Faithful
Luke 22:54-62
I) The ________________ Contrast
II) Some ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________
III) Peter’s Situation Serves as a ______________ for Us
IV) Peter’s Ongoing _______________
V) Love and Good Intensions Aren’t Enough to Keep us _________________
VI) How do we stay _______________?
     A) ________ the right person!
     B) __________ God and put Him first
     C) ___________ to the Spirit
     D) Know the ___________
     E) Trust that _________ knows what’s best
     F) __________
     G) Rely on the community of ____________
VII) Did ___________ Learn His Lesson?

Sermon outline for Luke 22:47-53 (7/5/20)

Could we do the same?
Luke 22:47-53

I) The enormity of the ________________

     A) Why so many ______________?

     B) Luke seems ___________ that Judas could do this!

     C) Judas turns a sign of ___________ into a sign of 

     D) But is there __________ to it than that?

          1) I think that it goes back to the _____________

          2) If Satan is possessing Judas at this point, I 
             believe that he’s there to ___________

II) And Jesus __________ the betrayal because it is all a part of God’s plan

     It all is happening for a ____________

III) _________________ wasn’t only a problem then!

     A) Darkness is used to symbolize rebellion and

     B) Darkness also symbolizes demonic ______________

     C) Darkness can also be used to symbolize an 
        ___________ without God

IV) Why do we find Judas’ betrayal so ________________?

     A) We may have experienced the same type 
        of _____________

     B) We feel like ________. How could one of the 
        disciples do this?

     C) We may worry that there is a little bit of 
        _________ in us…

Sermon outline for Luke 22:39-46 (6/28/20)

Lessons from Jesus Praying in the Garden
Luke 22:39-46
I) Jesus’ prayer teaches us the ____________ of prayer
   A) He goes to the Mount of ________
   B) He goes to _______
   C) But He is _______!
   D)  He is also ________!
   E)  If _________ felt the need to pray, how much more do we need to pray?
II) Prayer helps us to be ready when we are ____________
   A) When we pray we acknowledge our ________
   B) When we pray we acknowledge God’s _______
   C) When we pray we are asking for _________
III) Jesus shows us that prayers should be ___________ and submissive
   A) Jesus was absolutely open and honest about what he was __________
   B) Jesus was also ______________, willing to accept God the Father’s plan for Him
IV) Prayer brings __________
   A) Jesus did teach that we are to_______________ in prayer
   B) And Paul reminds us of the ___________ that can come through prayer
V) Prayer can be _________
   A) The disciples were _______________
   B) Luke suggests that they are _______________ exhausted
   C) What can ___________ our prayer lives?
       1) ______________, mental, and emotional distress can affect our prayer lives
       2) __________________
       3) Not recognizing our _______________
       4) Not realizing the ________________ we are in

Failure is Always an Option!
Luke 22:31-38

I) Testing has a ___________________

  A) What is a ________?

  B) Peter is told Satan wants to “____________” the disciples

  C) _____________ refines, purifies, or gets rid of the bad 

II) Which is why God ________________ it

  A) This episode should remind us of __________

  B) Satan (“adversary”) does want God’s people to __________

  C) But not every test is directly from _____________

III) Even Though we Will _______________

  A) Ironically, __________ is correct!

  B) Peter ends us denying that he knows ____________

  C) ______________ is not enough

IV) When we Fail, ______________________ Brings Restoration

  A) Peter will ____________!

  B) And will be able to help his fellow _______________

  C) Which is another reason we experience _______________

V) Our Relationship with Jesus Guarantees ______________

  A) At one point in time the disciples were able to count on _______________

  B) ________________ have changed!

  C) Increasing ______________ and hostility will affect how the disciples are treated

VI) Which is why _______________ is Praying for Us

  A) Jesus _________ for all of us in the Garden of Gethsemane

  B) Jesus _______________ to pray for us now

Sermon outline for Luke 22:24-30 (6/14/20)

How to be a Disciple

Luke 22:24-30

I) The Danger of _____________
     Pride leads to dissension, disharmony, and a lack of humility
II) An ___________ of Pride
III) Jesus Calls His Disciples to Humility and ______________
     A) They are to be different from other _____________
     B) And they are not supposed to ___________ anything in return!
IV) __________ is the Greatest Example of Service and Humility
     A) One way he showed service and humility was ____________ the last supper
     B) The _____________ may be the best example of service and humility!
     C) But the entire ___________ is an example of how we should all live lives of service and humility
V) Disciples who are Faithful will be _______________
     A) Jesus disciples __________with him
     B) The disciples will __________ with Jesus as a reward for their faithfulness
     C) Is this ___________ only for them, a select few other disciples, or for all believers?

Sermon outline for Luke 22:7-23

Being Calm in the Midst of the Storm
Luke 22:7-23

I) We Have a Reason for ______________

     A) Jesus exhibits trust in the __________

     B) The ____________ exhibit trust in Jesus

     C) Trust brings _____________

          1) Trust that ________ has a purpose and a plan

          2) Trust in His _____________

          3) Trust in His ___________

II) We have a reason to _______________

     A) A meal of remembrance for the _____________ people

     B) A time of remembrance for _____________

          1) A ______________

          2) His broken body represents His ______________

          3) Shedding His blood represents _______________

          4) His broken body can also represent His sacrificial __________

          5) And the shedding of His blood represents the new ____________!

III) We have a reason for hope in the midst of chaos a confusion

     A) The kingdom of God ________ come!

     B) The kingdom of God ________ come!