Are Christians confused?

My journey has been long.  My upbringing was atheist/Lutheran, my commitment to God came by way of Independent Baptists, and now I’m the pastor of a Baptist General Conference church.  Along the way I’ve been concerned that evangelicals seem to confuse politics with Christianity.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my country, and I have certain political leanings.  I also believe that one of the most important things we can do as Christians is to vote for Biblically qualified candidates (whatever that means, and we could have a long discussion about that!).  But we have to understand that real change in our country can’t come about from the political process; it can only come about through changed hearts.  And changed hearts can only come as a result of the gospel message being preached.  Not nationalism,  republicanism, liberalism, or any other political movement.  I find Russell Moore to be a kindred spirit on this issue.  He has a nice commentary on the recent Tea Party event in Washington D.C.   It’s entitled, “God, the Gospel, and Glen Beck.”


Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave an excellent presentation on “Why Does the Universe Look so Old?” at the 2010 Ligonier National Conference.  The video can be found here.  As a result of that presentation, Dr. Mohler was attacked by BioLogos.  Phil Johnson has an excellent defense of Mohler, as well as a critique of Charles Darwin’s “Christianity” here.

The Bondage of the Word!

This summer we were privileged to have Dr. Maurice Robinson give a seminar at First Baptist.  One of the issues that he commented on was the sad state of affairs concerning Bible publishing.  Back in 1995 he gave a faculty lecture entitled “The Bondage of the Word” that shook up the publishing world for a little while.  I highly recommend this lecture and have posted it online here.

***Dr. Maurice Robinson is professor of Greek and New Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is also the co-editor of “The New Testament in the Original Greek — Byzantine Textform.”