Sermon outline from March 11 – now online and being broadcast this morning!

18 Mar
Responding to a Hostile World
John 18:1-11
Matthew 26:47-56
I) Other important ___________
    A) Jesus ___________
    B) Jesus’ care and ______________
    C) Jesus’ ______________
    D) Faithfulness of ______________
II) _____________ of the world toward Christianity
    A) ____________
    B) ____________
    C) ____________
III) How should we _________?
    A) We should be ____________
    B) We should be ____________
    C) We should be _____________
    D) We should be _____________
    E) We should be ______________
IV) Final Considerations
    A) Application seems to be __________
    B) Focus is on being ___________ for your beliefs
    C) Does not seem to prohibit us from __________ others

E) When we respond/react, we may lose the _____________ to see God at work!

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