Sermon outline for “The Covenant of Marriage” (Malachi 2:10-16)

The Covenant of Marriage
Malachi 2:10-16

I) Concern about ________ marriages

    A) The people are not obeying God's _________ for 

    B) They are engaging in "_________" marriages

    C) Why is _______ important in marriage?

         A "_________" marriage can lead to a diminished

        And a person who wants godly __________ is 
        careful who they marry

    D) The principle: Don't marry ________ your faith!

    E) What if it's too _______?

         1) If you stay together you have a positive 
            impact on your _________

         2) And on your ________

         3) But if your spouse wants to ________, let 
            him/her go

II) Concern about ungodly __________

    A) Verse 12 shows how ____________ it is to worship 
       God in the tabernacle while you refuse to obey His 

    B) Verse 12 carries on that thought, but brings a new 
       ________ to light -- the problem of divorce

    C) Marriage is a ________ institution

    D) God does allow for ___________

         1) Deuteronomy 24:1-4

         2) But Mark 10:11 appears __________

         3) Yet Matthew 19:9 adds an _________

         4) And 1 Corinthians 7:15 adds __________

         5) Are there other ________ reasons for divorce?

    E) However, His desire is to have troubled marriages 

    F) Divorce is seen as ___________

III) God wants marriages to be ___________

    A) Be careful who you ________

    B) _________ it out!

Sermon outline for “God’s Warning to Preachers and Teachers” (Malachi 2:1-9)

God’s Warning to Preachers and Teachers
Malachi 2:1-9

I) The __________ of the Priesthood

II) The ____________ of the Priesthood

            A) Offer ____________

            B) Be an example of ________

            C) ________ God’s Word

III) The __________ of the Priesthood

            A) Failing to offer proper ___________

            B)  Not _________ the truth

            C) As a result, they were:
                        1) Causing people to ___________

                        2) _________ the covenant

IV) The ____________ of the Priesthood

V) The ________ to teachers

            A) There are __________ that come from teaching

            B) But God also gives a solemn ________ to teachers

            C) And God has no tolerance at all for _______

            D) And this should serve as a warning to 
               __________ as well

Sermon Outline for “Contempt for Casual Faith” (Malachi 1:6-14)

Contempt for Casual Faith
Malachi 1:6-14

I) The _______________

    A) Priests and people were bringing ___________ sacrifices

    B) The ___________ of sacrifices

         1) Take care of the _________

         2) Cover ________

         3) Show  ___________

         4) Show ___________

    C) The __________ for sacrifices

    D) They were also __________ at the sacrifices

    E) As a result of ____________ sacrifices, God said they were:

         1) Despising His _________

         2) Despising His _________

         3) Polluting the ________

II) The End __________

    A) They were ___________ God

    B) Other supposed acts of devotion don't take the place of _____________

III) Our ___________

    A) God demands ___________

    B) Respect implies ______________
    C) Behavior is a direct measure of ___________

IV) Our ________

    A) One day worship will be ____________, pure, and universal

    B) It begins with _________

    C) But we still await ________________

    D) Until that day comes, we:

         1) Offer the sacrifice of _________

         2) Offer ourselves as living _______________

Sermon outline for “The Love of God” (Malachi 1:1-5)

The Love of God
Malachi 1:1-5

I) The ___________ of Malachi

    A) Malachi means "___ _________"

    B) He is writing in _________ BC

    C) The people are questioning God's _______

    D) The people are questioning God's _______

    E) The people are questioning God's ____________

II) God reminds them of His __________ love

    A) God _______ Israel

    B) God ________ Edom

    C) God's _____ is shown by His choice

    B) God shows ____ His love by His choice

III) God's ________ is displayed by His covenant love

Sermon outline for “God Wins!” (Revelation 4-22)

God Wins!
Revelation 4-22

 I) The _____________

        A) Means __________, or unveiling

        B) Apocalyptic literature is _____________

               1) Angels appear as ______ guides

               2) Written during intense __________

               3) They use vivid __________

              (As a result, interpretation is _________!)

               4) Numbers convey __________

        C) Revelation is ____________

               1) Because of its _____________

               2) Because it identifies its ________

               3) Because it predicts the __________

II) Views of _______________

         A)     ______________

         B)     _____________

         C)     ______________

         D)     ______________

III) Views of the _______________

         A)     _______________

         B)     _______________

         C)     _______________

IV) Revelation concludes by showing that all the forces 
    of evil are ____________ and that the saints of God live
    with Him for eternity!