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Can I trust the reliability of the New Testament?

I’m going to incorporate some of this information into my Sunday sermon, but thought that you might like to see it in greater detail (

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Can I really do all things through Jesus Christ?

Here is a wonderful explanation of a familiar passage.  It may surprise you!


Powerpoint for Minor Prophets Series

Some have asked for handouts or the Powerpoint for our Sunday morning Bible study.  Here is a combined lesson for the first two studies which includes last week’s study (Introduction) and tomorrow’s lesson (Obadiah).  I have culled through various presentations, pictures, charts, maps, commentaries, and surveys to come up with what I hope is a logical and fun presentation.  Please feel free to print it out for class or just use your tablet/phone to follow along.

An Introduction to the Minor Prophets and Obadiah

Minor Prophets and Obadiah (old ppt format)

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