Sermon outline for Romans 8:18-25 (11/5/17)

If God is good, why is there evil?

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Sermon outline for Ephesian 2:8-10 (10/29/2017)

Why are there so many rules?

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Sermon Outline for Acts 17:16-34 (10/22/17)

Can’t all religions be true?

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Sermon Outline for Luke 1:1-4 (10/15/17)

Why Should I Believe the Bible?

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Sermon Outline for 10/1/17 (Genesis 1:26-2:3)

Grace and the Sabbath

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October Newsletter Article

Hopefully by now, if you live in Northern Door, you’ve received an invitation to our sermon series for October and November. I’m using Timothy Keller’s “The Reason for God” as my inspiration and we’re going to try to answer various questions that people have about Christianity. In addition to the sermon series some smaller group opportunities will be available on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings. These opportunities will give us the chance to talk about various topics by using a short video as a guide:

“Christians will be challenged to wrestle with their friends and neighbors’ hardest questions, and to engage those questions in ways that will spark an honest, enriching, and humbling dialogue. Capture a live and unscripted conversation between Timothy Keller and the six panelists discussing their objections to Christianity. This study will help small groups and individuals dig deeper into the objections of the Christian faith and to learn about both sides of the issues.”

The Sunday evening sessions will be held at church. Dave and Gretta Shepherd have graciously opened up their home on Monday nights, and Keith and Vivian Nienow have done the same for Tuesday. There is a sign-up sheet at the welcome desk for the studies. Even though you don’t necessarily have to sign up for Sunday nights, I would appreciate having a general idea of how many to expect!

Tuesday afternoons this fall ladies have a special opportunity for “Tea and Conversation” at Tea Thyme in Country Walk Shops. Stop in at 2 p.m. for fellowship and a time of guided conversation that is focused on a scripture verse. Valerie Billington, Karen Sundstrom, Pam Olsen, and Monica Koepsell will be leading the table discussions.

In September I had the opportunity to lead Sunday worship at Scandia Village. It was wonderful getting a chance to see several members of our congregation on a weekly basis again! Thank you Winnie Jackson for playing the piano, and a special thank you to those on the Compassion Team and others who do regular visits at the facility. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

Valerie and I will be away October 8th, and Rev. Ken Muck will be filling the pulpit that morning. Please give him a wonderful welcome!

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Sermon outline for Matthew 11:28-29 (9/23/17)

Hope and the Sabbath

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